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Light Therapy - About Light Therapy



Safe, effective, and now more affordable than ever. The new Day-Light™ merges the principles of the company’s distinctive light technology standards, with a new and innovative design – all at an affordable new price.

The New Day-Light is a specially designed 10,000 lux* bright light system, used by many people to help ease seasonal mood swings and regulate body rhythms. To receive the recommended light therapy dosage, users simply sit 12" from the light for 20-30 minute intervals daily.
*Lux is the level of illumination of light.

Day-Light Can Help To:

Who Can Benefit

The Day-Light offers those who experience symptoms of SAD or the ‘winter blues’ a more versatile and stylish light therapy solution than what is currently available on the market.

More powerful than most smaller lights on the market, the new Day-Light provides 10,000 lux light intensity level at the optimum height and angle.

 What is SAD?

"Recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."  

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