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Light Therapy - About Light Therapy

Clinical Trials

Seasonal Affective Disorder

1.  Canadian Consensus Guidelines for the Treatment

     of Seasonal Affective Disorder


This report is the first comprehensive clinical guide for the diagnosis and treatment of SAD. Using a rigorous consensus process, the members of this group reviewed the world scientific literature and formulated evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of SAD.

2.  Expert Sheds Light on How and Why Artificial Light

     Can Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

     February, 2003

This article from the New York Academy of Sciences is a summary of the conclusions drawn by Michael Terman, who has conducted clinical trials on the effects of light therapy with patients who suffer from SAD.

3.  Randomized, Controlled Trial of Bright Light, Dawn

     Simulations and Negative Air Ionization for Winter



This trial replicates earlier work showing the superiority of bright light therapy, high-density negative air ionization and dawn simulation over placebo controls.

Winter Blues

4.  A Multi-Year Controlled Trial of Bright Light and

    Negative Ions. 


Discusses the difference in effectiveness of light therapy and low-density ions in the treatment of the winter blues.  Concludes that light therapy delivered greater responses and the response rate was higher in the morning than in the evening.


Bright Light Therapy and Women

5.  An Open Trial of Morning Light Therapy for       

    Treatment of Antepartum Depression

    April, 2002

This is the first study to focus on light therapy used in treating postpartum depression. The study concluded that morning bright light therapy has an antidepressant effect on pregnant women with depression. In comparison with light treatment for winter depression, the rate of improvement in this study appeared more gradual.


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