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Light Therapy - About Light Therapy

Are you light deprived?

Most of us experience an energy shift in the winter, and are more likely to feel down on dark, gloomy days, especially if we live in northern latitudes where the hours of sunlight are significantly shorter during the fall and winter. This is what is commonly called the Winter Blues.


According to the experts who published the Consensus Guidelines for the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (Lam et al, 1999), preliminary studies suggest that people who experience marked changes in sleep, appetite, weight and energy during the winter, but do not meet criteria for a major depressive episode, may also have a good response to light therapy.

The number of people who suffer from the Winter Blues, or "subsyndromal SAD" as the medical community calls it, in North America is estimated to be as great as 16 million (2 million in Canada; 14 million in the US ).


I noticed lack of sunlight really affected me.
My mood, energy level, appetite really improved
with one month of using my Day-Light
-C.W., Douglas, British Columbia

"Recommended by the non-profit Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."  

How Light Therapy Works
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