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Light Therapy - About Light Therapy

How to Use - DL 930 Daylight

Day-Light - How to Use Correct Position
Sit 12" from the light. At this distance you can read, or eat breakfast comfortably during your light therapy sessions.
Incorrect: Too Far Away
Sitting too far away (over 12") from the light will require longer sessions.
Incorrect: Too Close
It is not necessary, or recommended to sit this close to the light. You should not stare directly into the light.

Incorrect: Head Down

Light cannot reach the eyes with your head down this far.


When used correctly, your Day-Light can help alleviate the fatigue and decreased activity commonly experienced in the shorter days of fall, winter, or even into spring.

Your Day-Light works well when positioned on a table or counter top. We advise using the adjustable legs for light therapy sessions, so that you can get the optimal angle of light. Sit approximately 12" from the light. It is neither recommended nor necessary to stare directly into the light.

Plug the Day-Light into a power source, flick the switch to the desired light setting (three bulbs or two), and enjoy!

For best results, we recommend 30 minutes of use in the early morning. However, duration and time of use may be adjusted to fit personal requirements.

Note: We recommend that you consult a physician before exposure to any bright light source such as the Day-Light.



Options for Usage
Options for Usage Use the detachable legs for optimal light therapy positioning.
Options for Usage Use the built in stand for use without legs.
Options for Usage Use the wall-mount option to create a light window effect.
Options for Usage Use as a task light.
Options for Usage Built-in handle provides a useful carry option.








"Recommended by the non-profit Center for       Environmental Therapeutics (CET)."

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