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Insurance Coverage

Many private insurance companies recognize the benefits of light therapy and its cost advantages over antidepressant medication; so they will cover the purchase of a light system with a prescription from your doctor. In fact, 65-70% of insurance companies have reimbursed the purchase price of light boxes for the treatment of SAD, the winter blues, depression, PMS, sleep disorders and maladaption to shift work.

Be sure to first call your medical insurance company to see if they cover the expense of a light box and to discuss specific documentation requirements. Bright lights are not approved for reimbursement under Medicare, and are available widely for purchase without a prescription.

Your chance of reimbursement is greatly improved if you submit the following to your insurance company:

  1. Prescription from your Doctor recommending 10,000 lux, duration and time of day to administer treatment.
  2. Receipt or invoice for purchase of lightbox.

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