Why A Three Month Rental?

The three month rental is designed so that you can evaluate our products over a short period of time. By doing the evaluation on particular problems, you can see first hand, whether the Centurion therapy products can be incorporated into your business. Furthermore, sometimes a piece of therapy equipment is only needed for a short period of time. Whatever needs you have ... this program is designed for YOU.

At the expiry of the three month rental, a number of options are available:

  1. 100% of all rental monies of the first three months will be applied against the purchase price. Should you continue on the rental program, 80% of each additional month shall apply against the purchase price. This eventually turns into a rent to own program.

  2. The equipment can be purchased outright. The monies will apply either against a new or a demonstrator piece of equipment.

  3. You may want to go onto a 3 year lease, which will lower the monthly payment.

  4. The equipment may be returned.

Please not there will be a security deposit equal to one month's rent, payable at the start of rental. This will be applied against the purchase or refunded if the equipment is returned at the end of the rental period.

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