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C-Pool Mineral Treatment
Save Time and Money while helping the Environment

The product that keeps your pool crystal clear and environmentally friendly.

C-Pool Mineral Treatment will:

$AVE on Pool Chemical Costs
Daily or continuous doses of chlorine or bromine are REDUCED, so you save up to 50-70%.

$AVE on Hydro Costs
Your pool water will stay sparkling clear when you run your pump as little as 2-8 hours per day.

$AVE Maintenance Time
Eliminate daily maintenance and cut vacuuming by up to 80%. Enjoy more of your pool time this summer.

$AVE Your Body & The Environment
Reduce using toxic, flammable chemicals. No more worries about odours, irritated skin or eyes, and bleached hair. Our product is friendlier to the environment ... with C-Pool Mineral Treatment.

It is Friendlier to the Environment and Friendlier to the Body.

In fact you will save so much money on pool operating and chemical costs that your purchase will more than pay for it's self in the first season alone. C-Pool mineral will actually allow you more time to relax and enjoy your pool.

C-Pool Mineral Treatment: "Changing The Way You Care For Your Pool"


To Order or for More Information on C-Pool Mineral Treatment call:

(905) 846-4528
1 800 265-3354

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