C-Pool Mineral Treatment
Save Time and Money while helping the Environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the C-Pool Mineral Treatment safe?
Yes. C-Pool Mineral Treatment is registered by the Canadian Government as a Mineral Algaecide for pools and spas. When dissolved in water, the product reduces the amount of chemicals needed, therefore making the water in your pool or spa friendlier to the environment and to your body.

Will the C-Pool Mineral treatment be harmful to my overall pool system?
No. The C-Pool Mineral treatment is neither toxic nor harmful in any way! You can reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine. The life of your entire pool system will definitely be enhanced.

Will the reduction of chemicals be beneficial to my family?
Yes. Chlorine or bromine at high levels in the water is harmful both to the environment and to your body. Mineral treatment, when used as directed, allows you to reduce chemicals and control algae, therefore, making it beneficial and safer for you and your family.

When using C-Pool Mineral Treatment, am I still required to use chlorine or bromine?
Yes. You are still required to use chlorine or bromine but by savings of up to 70%.

When using C-Pool Mineral Treatment, am I still required to shock the pool?
Yes. You are still required to shock the pool. However, the number of times you may need to shock the pool is reduced to only after a heavy usage or when your pool water does not appear to be crystal clear. (Liquid chlorine is recommended when shocking the water).

Do I still have to balance the water when using the C-Pool Mineral Treatment?
Yes. When your pool water is not properly balanced, you can run into a number of problems when operating your pool (sore eyes, cloudy water, itchy feeling on skin, staining on liner). When using the mineral product method or other methods, you are still required to maintain a balanced reading. Remember, it is important to maintain the correct balance of water when operating your pool. The recommended balanced readings are as follows:

Chlorine 1.0 ppm - 2.0 ppm
Bromine 2.0 ppm - 3.0 ppm
pH 6.8 - 7.6
Stabilizer 25 ppm - 35 ppm (only in chlorine pools)
Alkalinity 80 ppm - 150 ppm
Hardness 150 ppm - 250 ppm

Why is C-Pool Mineral Treatment not available at pool dealers or pool outlets?
It may be of interest to note that this product has never been handled by pool dealers and/or pool outlets. Using C-Pool Mineral Treatment vs. the conventional method reduces the amout of chemicals required in your pool water to maintain the recommended basic standard pool care levels, therefore decreasing the projected sales of chemicals.

We believe that a good product should be sold on its own merit. We have a product that is cost efficient, friendlier to the environment as well as to the consumer. It is now being used in hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, resorts, municipal and residential swimming pools and is highly recommended. Call today for pricing!

To Order or for More Information on C-Pool Mineral Treatment call:

(905) 846-4528
1 800 265-3354

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