C-Pool Mineral Treatment
Save Time and Money while helping the Environment

Why Switch?

The conventional method of maintaining pool water with the use of hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, and numerous other products is designed to strip the water of its natural defenses and is hazardous to your body and the environment.

Debmar Distributing Inc. is distributing a product called C-Pool Mineral Treatment. It is a formulation of natural occurring minerals for your pool or spa. This method is compatible with nature and provides pool or spa water with a natural immune system that is friendlier to the environment and to your body.

The separation of water atoms into ions provides water with a natural immune system. Dissolved minerals also form ions which provide water with its natural immunity against algae. These same minerals should also be present in your drinking water. They inhibit the growth of algae. These minerals are essential to the growth and support of plants, wildlife, pets and human life.

Pollution has destroyed the natural balance in our fresh water system. It has destroyed the natural pH which is essential in maintaining a balance of natural minerals. Therefore, chlorine and/or bromine must be used to control algae and bacteria. A constant presence of chlorine or bromine is still required and super chlorinating is required to ensure complete sanitation.

Chlorine and bromine in their natural state are also provided by nature but in balance. Chlorine in abundance, united with other pollutants, becomes a chemical residue. Chlorine, when manufactured, separates from its natural state and becomes a flammable toxic poisonous gas. When injected into a base, it must be handled with extreme caution. Chlorine gases will burn and destroy algae and bacteria. It can also be destructive to our ozone layer. Combined with other pollutants, it will render and become detrimental to plants, wildlife, pets and human life.

You can contribute greatly to the reversal of the above effects by contacting Debmar Distributing Inc., and inquiring about purchasing C-Pool Mineral treatment to use in your pool or spa this coming season.

To Order or for More Information on C-Pool Mineral Treatment call:

(905) 846-4528
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