It's Portable, Affordable and it Works!

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*UL100 80-230+ lbs (35-105+kg)            *UL300 195-350lbs (90-160kg)
with Memory Foam & Waterproof Cover

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Who Can Benefit

  • People who have lost sufficient upper or
    lower body strength to get up unassisted

  • Those who have lost mobility as a result of:
    -Musclar Dystrophy
    -ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
    -Post-operative conditions
    -Degenerative joint disease
    -Knee and hip conditions
    -Accidental injury
    -Neuromuscular disease

  • Caregivers who need help transferring
    patients or family members

As we grow older, our strength is about 75% of what it was at our peak. When it becomes a struggle to get up from a seated position it reduces your ability to enjoy simple, everyday activities. It may also trigger inactivity, starting a vicious cycle of decline.


  • Helps keep people active and independent
  • Relieves stress and strain on joints
  • Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength
  • Folds flat for easy transport

Did you know that... many conditions can affect your muscular strength and co-ordination at any stage of life making it difficult to get up when seated.



UPLIFT Lifting Cushion Specifications

Base Dimensions -Depth: 16" / 41cm - Width 15" / 38cm
Seat Dimensions - Depth 19" / 48 cm - Width 17" / 43 cm
Seat Height - Open: 10" / 26 cm - Flat : 2" / 5 cm
Weight - 9 lb / 4 kg


UPLIFT Lifting Cushion Models
MED-UL 100         Standard    80 - 230 lb
                                                     35 - 105+ kg

MED-UL 300            Plus          195  - 350 lb
                                                       90 - 160 kg


Lifts up to 80% of your weight.

UPlift Seat Assist is designed to give you the assistance you need to get in and out of chairs on your own, so you can continue to enjoy a full, independent and active lifestyle. Lifting up to 80% of your weight 10" high, UPlift provides just enough lift to get you up on your own while allowing you to use and exercise your own strength.

Here's how UPlift can help you up.

See how UPlift's patented flexible seat makes sure you are always sitting on a flat seating surface as it lifts and lowers you in and out of a chair. UPlift makes sure you are lifted up evenly and not dumped forward like other seat lift devices.

  1. UPlift comfortable cushion adds only about one inch to the height of the chair when seated.
  2. Simply start to get up like you normally would, by leaning forward and pushing off with your arms and /or legs.
  3. UPlift  will sense you are getting up and spring into action, giving you the lift you need to get up easily on your own.


  • Sofas
  • Patio Chairs
  • Wheelchairs
  • Theatre Seats
  • Chesterfields
  • Restaurant Seats
  • Church Pews
  • Kitchen Chairs
  • Soft Arm Chairs
  • Electric Scooters

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Fits Most Armchairs
17 inches wide, UPlift & Upeasy fit most armchairs. Waterproof cover available (included with Uplift UL100&300.)



"Very useful for clients with lower extremity weakness and /or upper extremity weakness... allows them to be independent on holidays or visiting as well as at home"Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Development, Ottawa, Ontario


What is UPlift?

UPlift Seat Assist are self powered lifting cushions that converts an armchair into an automatic lift chair. UPlift safely provides the extra lift needed to help you get in and out of chairs on your own. Allowing you to remain independent and active, without having to rely on others.

How does UPlift Seat Assist  work?
Placing UPlift on the seat of an armchair converts it into an automatic lifting chair. No switches, electric wires, latches or special installation is necessary. Our Lift Actuator lets you choose one of six weight settings (80 to230+ lbs/37 to 104 kgs for UPlift; 200 to 350 lbs/90 to 160 kgs for UPlift Plus) that's best for you. When you sit down on UPlift's comfortable cushion, your downward motion is "hydraulically dampened" so you settle gently into the chair. No more"falling" into the chair due to muscle weakness when you use UPlift. UPlift has a very comfortable cushion and adds only one inch to the height of the chair when you're seated. When you want to get up from your chair, UPlift automatically provides the extra lift needed to get you to a standing position. UPlift lifts up to 80% of your weight 10" high.The pneumatic Lift Actuator gives a smooth counterforce, following the body's natural motion, while it supplies the needed boost to help you stand up. No more struggling to get up from a chair. UPlift provides the lifting strength you need.

How are the UPlift Seat Assist and the Upeasy Lift Cushion Different?
The Uplift seat assist and the Upeasy lift cushion are basically the same. The Uplift Seat assist has a slow release memory foam that conforms to the shape of the body to help prevent pressure sore. The Uplift Seat assist also includes a removeable waterproof seat cover. (it is considered more of a medical device).

How is UPlift Seat Assist unique?
UPlift is the only lifting cushion with a patented, flexible seat that gives you a stable, horizontal seating surface at all elevations as it raises and lowers. Other chair lift products move you up and forward like a catapult, forcing or dumping you forward with a resulting loss of balance. UPlift ensures that you are lifted evenly as you get up, eliminating the feeling of falling forward when the seat rises.

How does the Lift Actuator work?
UPlift's Lift Actuator setting for the weight of the user is done easily and in seconds-by anyone. No tools are required. There are no tricky latches or switches. Just press down on the flexible seat, move the Lift Actuator to the appropriate weight setting and it's ready to use. UPlift can be adjusted easily and quickly if you lose or gain weight. UPlift is the only lift cushion products that allows you to self adjust its lifting power!

Does UPlift Seat Assist lift 100% of your weight like an electric lift chair?
No. That's why we call it a "seat assist" UPlift is designed to lift up to 80% of your weight and "assists" your own muscle strength as you get up. Actually, if you lean forward and push slightly with your arms, UPlift does the rest.
UPlift allows you to use and exercise your own strength, while providing just enough lifting assistance to get you up on your own. UPlift promotes independence and self-reliance. That's why medical professionals like doctors, occupational therapists and physical therapists recommend and prescribe UPlift. UPlift works just as well if you use a cane or walker.

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