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*UPE 1 Standard 95-220lbs (43-100kg)
*UPE 3 Plus 200-340 lb (90-154kg)
* Removable Marine Blue Cover.
* Flexible cushion curves to a flattened seating surface.
*Comfortable high density polyurethane foam cushion is molded to body contours for extra comfort.

1. When you sit down on the UPEASY lifting cushion, it eases you gently into a seated position.
2. To get up, simply shift forward and begin to stand.  The lifting mechanism activates automatically.
3. This provides a gentle and stable lift up from the chair or sofa.

Who Can Benefit?
* People who have lost sufficient upper or lower body strength to get up unassisted.
* Those who have lost mobility as a result of:
- Arthritis
- Parkinson's
- Muscular dystrophy
- ALS -  Lou Gehrig's disease
- Post-operative conditions
- Degenerative joint disease
* Caregivers who need help transferring patients or family members.

* Helps keep people active and independent.

* Relieves stress and strain on joints.

* Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength.

* Folds flat for easy transport.

It's Portable, Affordable and It Works!

The UPEASY lifting cushion helps people, who would otherwise need assistance getting up, gently seat and raise themselves from a chair or sofa.  Safe and easy to use, it will lift up to 80% of the user's weight, as needed. UPEASY folds flat for easy transport and can be used almost anywhere:

Living Rooms

Dining Rooms / Kitchens




Patios, etc.




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UPEASY Lifting Cushion Specifications

Base Dimensions -Depth: 16" / 41cm - Width 15" / 38cm
Seat Dimensions - Depth 19" / 48 cm - Width 17" / 43 cm
Seat Height - Open: 10" / 26 cm - Flat : 2" / 5 cm
Weight - 10 lb / 4.1 kg

UPEASY Lifting Cushion Models
UPE  1         Standard    95 - 220 lb
                                       43 - 100 kg

UPE 3            Plus          200 - 340 lb
                                          90 - 154 kg


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